Now Available For Shuttles!

Predictable Ryde For Shuttles & Coaches

  • Real-time Shuttle Information
  • No more waiting and wondering.
  • Access from your smartphone or computer.
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Predictable Ryde Fleet is a modern fleet management and communication aid for Shuttle and Coach providers that combines the best of today's technologies to enhance operations management and make riding shuttles and coaches more convenient and efficient.

For Shuttle & Coach Providers, Predictable Ryde is a fleet tracking and management service that provides many benefits, such as:

  • Improved Situational Awareness with Real-time Vehicle Location Information
  • Measure, Control and Reduce Fleet Operating Costs
  • Electronic Driver Logs (EDLs)
  • Fleet Operations Analytics and Reports
  • Easily Share Full or Limited Access with Other Employees & Partners
  • Enhanced Driver Monitoring and Training
  • Commericial Fleet Tracking GPS That Does Not Distract Drivers
  • Autonomous System Operation. Freeing up Resources To Accomplish Other Important Tasks
  • Accessable From A Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

For Shuttle & Coach Partners, Predictable Ryde is a friendly app that can be used to see where the shuttle or coach is so you don't have to tie up your resources waiting. Using a secure registration process, Shuttle Partners may buy a subscription to this service and access shuttle and coach information on their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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