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Predictable Ryde For Schools

  • Real-time Bus Information
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Secure Cloud Platform
  • Free For Schools
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Predictable Ryde is a modern fleet management and communication aid for schools that combines the best of today's technologies to enhance school bus operations management and make riding the school bus more convenient for children and their parents. Predictable Ryde strives to unite all your transportation management tools together, regardless of brand.

For schools, Predictable Ryde is a FREE bus tracking and management service that provides many benefits, such as:

  • Improved Situational Awareness with Real-time School Bus Location Information
  • Measure, Control and Reduce School Bus Operating Costs
  • Unites All Your Transporation Management Tools Together
  • Electronic Driver Logs (EDLs)
  • Driver Timesheets
  • School Bus Operations Analytics and Reports
  • Compare Planned Stop Times vs Actual Stop Times
  • Easily Share Full or Limited Access with Other School Officials and Emergency Responders
  • Enhanced Driver Monitoring and Training
  • Commericial Fleet Tracking GPS That Does Not Distract Drivers
  • Autonomous System Operation. Freeing up Resources To Accomplish Other Important Tasks
  • Accessable From A Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

For parents, Predictable Ryde is a friendly app that sends an alert when their child’s bus Is near. Using a secure registration process, parents may buy a subscription to this service and access their child’s bus information on their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Nancy H.
Director of Transportation
Falls Church City Public Schools, VA

"Predictable Ryde has been a very helpful tool in our Transportation Department. School buses can be located immediately on the Live Map view as well the ability to retrieve bus stop history reports. It saves the office a great deal of time to have this information readily available and parents really seem to appreciate the information it provides them as well.

I would recommend it to others that are managing the transportation needs for their school district."

Justin - Lead Driver
Falls Church City Public Schools, VA

"Predictable Ryde has helped tremendously with tracking down buses when emergencies happen on the road"

Tish - Principal's Assistant
Falls Church City Public Schools, VA

To the Transportation Department - "I want to let you know what a wonderful addition Predictable Ryde is to our school. I find it most helpful in the afternoons for the late bus runs. Yesterday the buses were a bit late picking the MEH students up and I was able to track them along their runs, which became very beneficial when I received two phone calls from parents inquiring on their children. I could see that the bus still had 2 stops before they would arrive.

Two weeks ago was another example of how valuable Predictable Ryde can be when we had the field trip that was due to arrive at the school at 5:00 and parents were waiting, I could see that the buses were delayed in picking the students up from their field trip and then could report to the parents their progress.

I don't always appreciate additional tools but this is a winner."

Brian - Transportation Director
Bingham Academy, ID

"Predictable Ryde has been very beneficial for our schools and our schools' parents. It lets parents know where their child's bus is and has been a huge help to our admins because now they also can track where the buses are. Recently I responded to an issue where a parent called in and claimed the bus arrived early to their stop and then sped away faster than the posted speed limit. I was able to log into Predictable Ryde and immediately review the incident in question with the parent on the phone using the unbiased speed history report data. Predictable Ryde allowed me to quickly and fairly resolve the issue based on hard evidence."

Karen - Transportation Director
Fremont Joint School District, ID

"Keeping track of the buses when they are leaving on their routes in the mornings or making sure they are finished on a bad weather day or just finishing is definitely relieving and helpful. Knowing that the bus is staying on time proves that drivers really care about their students. When the bus has a problem we can see in the office on the screen that help is needed and we can communicate to get help on the way. I feel that having this app on the phone or computer is going to a great benefit for all."

Mobile Access For Schools
School Officials can access their live fleet tracking,
reports, and other data on the go using
our mobile user interface.

Reports & Analytics
Analyze Bus Operations, Compare Planned
Bus Stop Times to Actual, and More.

Data Export
Export your bus data and analyze it
in your favorite analysis tools, such as Excel.

How is Predictable Ryde Different?

Unlike other school bus tracking systems, Predictable Ryde is:

  • Free for Schools and Inexpensive for Parents
  • Is easy for school transportation departments to implement
  • Improves communication between schools and parents.

We understand school transportation departments are already extremely busy, so Predictable Ryde supports two operating modes. The first is a low interaction mode - simply put the GPS units in each bus, load your bus routes, and let Predictable Ryde run. You can access the real-time location and historical reports when you need them. Or, with a little more interaction, you can collect even more detailed reporting information and provide parents specific bus information.

Our Unique Business Model

Predictable Ryde provides all the pieces required for a school bus tracking system to the school district upfront at no cost. Including:

  • GPS Trackers
  • The Data Plan
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Software Licenses

In return, we ask the schools use Predictable Ryde, report any problems in a timely manner, and help us offer subscriptions to Predictable Ryde to the parents of children that ride the bus.

Our Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, your school district is not happy with Predictable Ryde or the Parents don’t want it (demonstrated by not buying enough subscriptions to cover the operational costs), then just mail back the GPS Trackers to us. But we think both schools and parents will wonder how they ever got along without Predictable Ryde.

Predictable Ryde believes providing schools with fleet tracking technology and enabling parents a new way to access this information is a Win-Win-Win for schools, parents, and students. Request a Free Demo of Predictable Ryde For Your School.

Take a Look At Some of Predictable Ryde's Great Features

Transportation Management Portal

Quickly View Your Key Statistics and Metrics, and unite all your transporation tools in one place. Add any tool, not just those from Predictable Ryde.

Live Fleet Tracking

Track your buses anywhere in the country covered by Verizon. Quickly access current location, speed, run and route Information.

Reports & Analytics

Review Bus Operations, Compare Planned Bus Stop Times to Actual, and More.

Easy Route Management

Import Your Routes from Your Route Optimization Software, such as Transfinder, or just add them through our route create interface.

Mobile Access For Schools

School Officials can access their live fleet tracking, reports, and other data on the go through our mobile user interface.

Quick Access To Information

Have Bus Information At Your Fingertips When Parents Call.

Secure Platform

Encrypted Data Communication. Invitation Only Registration, Ability to suspend suspicious parent accounts, and more.

Data Export

Export Your Bus Data And Analyze It How You Want In Your Favorite Analysis Tools, Such as Excel.

Bus Tracker App For Parents

Parents can sign up for the Family Plan for either $4.99 per month, or $39.99 annually to receive txt alerts and see their children's bus real-time information.

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