Great For Busy Parents

The Predictable Ryde Bus Tracker App

  • Live Bus Location
  • Text Alerts
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Notification When Your Child Boards
    & Exits the Bus (Planned Feature)

The Predictable Ryde Bus Tracker App, lets parents know where their child's bus is and when to be at the bus stop. So no matter the weather - rain, snow or shine – parents have real time information on their child’s bus location in the palm of their hand. Text messages alert parents when their child’s bus is going to arrive.

Did you know that when you subscribe to Predictable Ryde you are supporting your school?
Well, you are! Subscriptions just like yours allow your district to use the Predictable Ryde School Fleet Tracking and Analytics at no cost. This includes GPS Modems, Web Hosting Service, Data Plans, and Software Licenses for Fleet Tracking and Data Analytics. Your district can use these tools to make riding the bus safer, more efficient, and more convenient for you. At Predictable Ryde, we want schools to spend their budgets on improving their students. In fact, we think Predictable Ryde is a Win-Win-Win situation. School Districts win because they get great fleet tracking and analytics at no cost that they can use to save money and enhance the management of their buses. Parents win because they can now access real-time information about their children's school buses making riding the school bus more convenient. And, we win because we get to work with a great school district and great community providing a meaningful service that helps people.

Please tell your friends, PTA, school and district about Predictable Ryde.

Thank you,
Matt Vuturo
Founder of Predictable Ryde

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Andrea L.
Parent from Falls Church, VA

"The Predictable Ryde app has made our mornings much more smooth because we always know when the bus is on its way and when it will arrive. No more dashing out the door only to stand and wait in bad weather. We always know when it’s time to head outside for the bus."

Parent in Idaho

"I really appreciate this app. It's been a lifesaver in my home."

Parent in Idaho

""Cool App!.. Other iPhone tracking apps ALWAYS have a delay, but Predictable Ryde provides timely information when I need it. Plus the support team provided the best customer service I've had in a long time!!!!""